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Modern jeweler's art in the Faberge style as an exclusive New Year gift

Бокадо - эксклюзивные подарки коллекционного исполнения

The BonCadeau Jewelry House has introduced a unique designer collection consisting of 10 figurines. The Faberge traditions seemed to have fallen into oblivion, but the jeweler's art of this level still exists and, moreover, it is still developing.

There is no accident in the fact that this designer collection is now compared with the masterpieces of the world famous jeweler who created his gifts for the royal family every year. The BonCadeau Jewelry House is introducing 10 handmade figurines made of the best precious metals and gemstones. The design of each figurine is subtle in every detail: the lines are fascinating with their beauty, the gems are bright, and the metal is shining. But no doubt, the most interesting is the idea and philosophy embodied in these masterpieces of the jeweler's art.

For instance, the figurine named Rebirth symbolizes the coming of Spring and the revival of the Planet. It is made in the bright colors of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Every detail is brought to perfection!

You cannot remain indifferent either when looking at the figurine named Fury. This is the embodiment of darkness, rage and insidiousness. The accurate and professional work of the jewelers can be seen with the naked eye: the lines are refined and graceful, while the gems and the 18-carat gold are used in a really skillful manner. Everything in this figurine is designed to emphasize the idea and create the image of the Darkness.

And the Ballerina is attracting with its lightness and grace. If we forget for a moment about the materials this figurine is made of, we can easily get the impression that the girl is about to start spinning in a marvelous dance.

Each of the 10 figurines is full of special ideas and deep philosophy that we can reveal for years by simply looking at them closely and finding more and more new details in these masterpieces of the jeweler's art. The height of the collection items varies from 15 to 20 cm, but the jewelers managed to fill the figurines with dozens of tiny details, while some of them have the size of the steel flea horseshoes by that famous Cross-Eyed Lefty from Tula.

The BonCadeau Jewelry House gives everyone the opportunity to purchase such a work of the modern jeweler's art from the Russian goldsmiths. Making each of these figurines takes a year, and the price of the entire collection exceeds $4.4 million.

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